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The Benefits of an On-Site Clinic

  • Reduced lost work time and absenteeism
  • Provide initial on-site mental health triage, counseling and integration with EAP services
  • Avoidance of higher cost and time consuming settings (e.g. ERs)
  • Reduced referrals to costly services from specialists
  • Lower workers’ compensation as well as non-occupational disability costs when combined with an on-site pharmacy, improved medication compliance, increased generic and therapeutic substitution rate and formulary adherenc
  • Lower medical spend among users of the on-site clinic through greater utilization of screening and preventive services
  • More timely access to care will improve morale, retention, loyalty and productivity
  • Employees receive targeted education and tools to understand and manage their identified health risk leading to stronger engagement with existing wellness initiatives.
  • First advice for medical problems given shortly after diagnosis provides the employees with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.